Delicious and nutritious foods need to please a lot of critics. Children want flavor, moms need nutrition and manufacturers require quality ingredients for reliable results. CreaFibe and CreaSplend are simple fiber solutions that provide function and value for the complex business of food. CreaFibe and CreaSplend are neutral in color, devoid of odor or taste and derived entirely from natural fiber sources. CreaFibe and CreaSplend boost dietary fiber values and lower calorie and carbohydrate content.

Using CreaFibe or CreaSplend – gravies and sauces have flavor and cling; cakes are moist and fresh; creamy fillings are smooth and sweet; delicious fried foods are golden and crisp; snacks stay whole with a satisfying crunch; ravioli is plump and flavorful. Some of the many applications where CreaFibe and CreaSplend are used include

Dietary Fiber Health conscious consumers seek out nutrition labels with good and excellent sources of dietary fiber listed. Both CreaSplend and CreaFibe contribute valuable dietary fiber content for healthy labeling. CreaFibe is the insoluble dietary fiber choice while CreaSplend provides both soluble and insoluble fiber content. Most often CreaFibe or CreaSplend are selected for their functionality, but the benefit extends much further to better-for-you nutrition.

– Good source of dietary fiber: 2.5 grams per serving
– Excellent source of dietary fiber: 5 grams per serving
U.S. Regulation
– Source of dietary fiber: 3.0 grams per serving
– High of dietary fiber: 6.0 grams per serving

E.U. Regulation

In business we all wear many hats, even our food ingredients need to multi-task. CreaFibe is the versatile insoluble fiber that adds value in so many ways. CreaFibe boosts profit and nutrition while performing vital functions. From preventing breakage to increasing shelf-life, CreaFibe is the ingredient that gets the job done well.
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CreaSplend works magic for baked goods, filled pastas, prepared meats and creamy desserts. The magic is a blend of soluble and insoluble fiber that hold and control moisture while maintaining shape and form. CreaSplend offers impressive moisture binding to foods without compromising flavors.
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