CreaSplend for a new generation of superior Gluten-Free Natural Products

April 1, 2019

The demand for gluten-free products continues to grow rapidly while the quality of the products offered has not. Even though only 1% of the population has actually been diagnosed as celiac, market reports continue to forecast a strong growth for this industry for years to come. Formulating a great tasting gluten-free product that is indistinguishable by its look, texture and flavor from its gluten antagonist remains a challenge.
CreaSplend was created to be one of the best natural and cost effective solutions that a formulator has to create superior tasting gluten-free products.

The continued challenge of gluten-free formulators is first to replicate a “dough” that yields a flavor and texture indistinguishable from a gluten one. Currently gums and chemically modified ingredients, such ethers, are still dominating this industry.

CreaFill developed CreaSplend, a blend between soluble and insoluble fibers, that has a clean label and organic status. The first goal for CreaSplend was to transform a “batter” into a dough just like a gluten one; one that can be kneaded, yes kneaded. Second, CreaSplend needed to be neutral in taste and provide a texture to replicate a gluten dough.

Final, CreaSplend needed to be natural, Non-GMO and allergen free to satisfy the most stringent formulas. These attributes combination has been greatly welcomed from the industry. Formulators are now able to create a new generation of superior tasting gluten free products.

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